Old Town Loon 138T

Old Town Loon 138T


Hersteller Old Town
Produktgruppe Zweier
Kategorie Meer, River, See
Gewicht 28kg
Breite 75cm
Länge 417cm
Baujahr 1998 – 2003
Luken Breite 41cm
Luken Höhe 213cm
Maximale Zuladung 170kg

Old Town meint:
Old Town says:

Like the other members of the Loon family, the Loon 138T (13?8" tandem) combines great paddling performance with excellent stability.

However, with the 138T you have the added benefit of solo and tandem versatility! Inspired by both the Loon 160T and the Loon 138, the Loon 138T combines the best of both models. You have the additional space and capacity of a tandem model, with the better maneuverability and handling of the shorter design.

The Loon 138T is ideally suited for an adult and child, and is a more manageable size for those with smaller cars or limited storage space. The Loon 138T features Old Town's patented roto-molded process to produce a superior 3-layer linear polyethylene hull. This allows for a stiffer bottom and deck, while reducing weight and omitting the need for a keelson. In addition, the foam core provides built in flotation which also acts as insulation against cold and noise.

The Loon 138T comes standard with two high back folding seats with adjustable seat back straps, stern deck rigging and two kayak paddle holders. An optional rudder is available.

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