Diskussion »On-line gauges for mobile phones«

Diskussion »On-line gauges for mobile phones«
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  1. TP seit 2006

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    I like very much the new form of 4-paddlers.com, and I have an another possible enhancement.
    I think it would be very useful (especially for foreign kayakers) if you provide a on-line gauges which can be checked via mobile phones, in a similair way as it is at www.rivermap.ch/mobile - a lightweight web site with current water levels and information about LW/MW/HW for different rivers/sections in the whole region.

  2. TP seit 2008

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    thanks for mentioning rivermap! it is a great service for over a year now.
    the linktext is correct, but the link itself misses the e at the end and points to the nowhere.
    try www.rivermap.ch/mobile