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Diskussion »kajak serbien«
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    Hello to everyone,
    my name is milan and i am kajaker from serbia. i am ex serbian slalom champion. now i work as trainee with young people. i am on river almost every day. here we are now interested for freestyle and rodeo kajak. but unfortunetly we are not in possition to buy kajaks for that. So i will use this forum to call interested people to be our guests in serbia and donate for our club equipment for freestyle and rodeo kajak. if you are in possition please help us to promote this sport here in serbia. thanks!

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    scheuer aus Benediktbeuern29.06.09 22:23

    hello freestyle folks!
    milan is a good friend of mine and enthusiastic paddler. he runs the kayak club in usce, southern serbia, and a small rafting company which offers trips on ibar (his home run), lim and tara. in the club he works effectively with young people, among them many children. their main focus is slalom sport, but they begin also with freestyle and whitewater. i visited milan twice in usce and paddled with him ibar and studenica. i appreciate his hospitality and count him 100% trustworthy. he dedicates all his spare time in the club and offers a true alternative to the kids.
    if you have any boats, paddles and gear to donate, please send him an email. you can be sure, it will be used in a good way.
    also, you should consider a visit to his region if you wanna explore a new paddle destination. studenica is definetely a cool run (see river data base) and provides sufficient flow in whole spring. also there are more creeks to discover. milan can help you also with logistics and advice on tara.
    see his website:
    www.sunny-rafting.com/ (unfortunately only in serbian)
    enjoy the connaissance of this guy.