Diskussion »Regatta - Save Europes Amazon«

Diskussion »Regatta - Save Europes Amazon«
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    FeldP aus St Georgen27.09.11 14:10

    The Danube - Europe's Amazon - is in danger!
    In the tri-border region Croatia-Serbia-Hungary there are new plans to straighten, to regulate and to dam the Danube.
    The Amazon of Europe and the future UNESCO-biosphere park "Mura-Drava Danube" are threatened urgently!
    Therefore, WWF and the nature conservation NGO Zeleni Osijek (Green Osijek) organise the
    Kayak and Canoe Regatta "Save Europe's Amazon"
    on the 9th of October, 2011 in Batina, Draž, Croatia (about 40km north of Osijek)
    For further infos, reservation contact Jasmin Sadikovic, Zeleni Osijek jasmin@zeleni-osijek.hr
    Dear paddlers please inform your friends in Croatia, Serbia and Hungary!
    PS: Find attached the invitation for the "Save Europe's Amazon" Regatta


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