Verkaufe Fluid Element M

Verkaufe Fluid Element M


Eingestellt am 27.03.21
Hersteller Fluid
Boot Fluid Element M
Produktgruppe Boote
Konfektionsgröße 40_M
Farbe rot
Artikel Standort München / Deutschland
Verkäufer epaddler
3x gepaddelt. Super Zustand!

Size: Medium
Farbe: rotLength: 202 cm / 6’7″
Width: 64 cm / 25.55″
Weight: 15 kg / 33 lbs
Cockpit size: 49 x 87 cm /19.25″ x 34.25″
Paddler weight range: 65-95 kg / 140-210 lbs

The Element is a unique surf kayak. It is shorter than a traditional surf kayak, giving up a little bit of speed but gaining a lot of extra manoeuvrability. Super quick directional changes is the name of the game. The shorter length is also key in making big freestyle moves possible. Apart from the pronounced carving rails that become progressively harder towards the stern, the hull also features release edges, similar to those on a playboat. Those edges make spins and grinds effortless, and they are also the reason why the Element is relatively forgiving.The pronounced bow rocker is perfect for a late take-off or surfing steep waves. The peaked volume in the stern keeps the boat buoyant, enabling the hull to release easily even at lower speeds and in choppy conditions.

Preis: 590,- € VB

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